How It Works

Architectural visualization is so much more than beautiful renders of the structure.

Let’s collaborate and make this journey easy

Milestone One

Send us a complete brief along with the materials necessary to estimate the project.
Upon receiving the brief, we shall revert with the estimated budget

Milestone Two

Upon finalizing the deal, we shall send across the first draft of the image for your review.
Review preliminary results and communicate your feedback.
In accordance with your feedback, we shall make the necessary amendments & send for your final review.

Please Note:
It will be helpful to have a single point of contact assigned by you for communicating the feedback from Architect, Developers, and the Marketing Agency.

Milestone Three

Based on the inputs received in the first review, we shall arrange a second draft for your review

Milestone Four

The wait is finally over…

Team Mirage, shall be submitting the low-resolution images for your final approval.
These images shall be good enough to verify all the inputs and details which are incorporated into the render.

Upon your final approval, we shall be glad to provide high-resolution images.
After receiving the payment in full, we shall submit the final deliverable with perfect lighting, reflections, and materials and in FULL HD 4K resolution

Your project is marketing-ready for billboards, website uploading and brochures.