Interior designing is a visual feast and have an inspiring effect on us. When the outer façade is appealing, the interior increases the beauty of the home. A classy interior elevates pure aesthetic appeal to your architecture. Despite having a number of options available in the market, when it comes to choosing the right furniture, wall color or wall paper, making a water body ; giving a makeover or renovating your space, creates maze of thoughts in our mind leading us nowhere. Either one ends up by excess over decoration or making wrong choices.

Mirage, bridges this perplexity with its expertise. We analyze not only your space but our client’s psyche, his liking, his overall persona & the members who are going to be the master of the space.

Your interior is carefully crafted with keen focus on space and light to achieve timelessly simple and elegant spaces.

Before execution, we work keeping in view the overall architecture, aesthetics, and budget. 3D views give a realistic glimpse into the proposed design, enabling specification of size, shape, and scope of work. Incorporate new suggestions & customization.